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The one thing I really researched before getting my pinephone was that it would work with my existing carrier. Of course, now that I have it, they say I absolutely cannot activate it on their network. Even after playing with PostmarketOS and finding it plenty usable, no mobile will probably mean the end of my adventures with it.

So, after 2 hours with a Pinephone... yeah... this is going to a drawer... permanently. This is one device that isn't remotely ready for prime time.

"if you cancel student debt people who don't benefit will be mad" just boils down to the claim that humans are fundamentally selfish—the conviction at the heart of conservative ideology

Attention young whipper-snappers fresh out of comp sci 101. Just because a thing is "old" does not mean it is bad. This should be obvious when you're making that argument at a 25 year old project.

Just had this exchange:
User: PHP should replace autotools with CMake. (not committing to do the work)

Me: Why? What problem does it solve? Every third party extensions would have to be updated to reflect such a change.

User: autotools is old.

Me: 🙄

We couldn't see much wildlife tonight but we could clearly see the spacex falcon launch from here. That was pretty cool.

Well, trying to make Docker work with UFW has thoroughly kicked my ass. Didn't realize how much I take DigitalOcean's firewall for granted.

This is a really significant improvement bringing the #PinePhone one step closer to being daily-driver ready. Alongside battery life improvements, 60hz responsive LCD and touch panel, stable BT and functional convergence docking - we're getting there.
Bravo to all developers!

It's been almost 2 months since I pre-ordered a Pinephone and I can't wait for it to actually ship!

Ah, Saturday... my morning of personal projects for the week. What will I work on today?

So apparently a single domain going down on #Apple servers makes one unable to launch non-Apple apps.

People have been sneaked a cloud OS without even realizing it, being at a complete mercy of a single, central entity.

This is a microcosm of where closed-source walled gardens inevitably lead.

#RMS was right.


Apparently Apple's new ARM silicon?

Doesn't support *any* virtualization.

Not just Docker, but any VMs period.

Ihr fragt, ich antworte. Regeln:
1. Jeder nur eine Frage
2. Das Thema: Android
3. Eure Frage muss einen Bezug zu IT-Sicherheit / Datenschutz haben
4. Nur via Mastodon

P.S.: Auf alles kann ich nicht antworten, aber ich bemühe mich.

I can respect and am willing to help honest requests for help on here and other platforms when people do so.

If you abuse the hell out of it though, as some do, I have zero respect for that.

Again we would like to welcome @apple to the world of ARM-based laptops. You're still a few years late to the party, but you're still a VIP. And as always, better late than never. ;)

Make yourself at home, alongside the #Pinebook and #PinebookPro.

I may not be writing as much on my personal site as I would want for many reasons but... I can turn any spike results or other work document into a 2,000 word essay with ease... Hmmm....

On a scale of 1-10, tonight's anxiety level is 24.

It's going to be a rough night

Welcome to Missouri COVID 

I've been told the Columbia, MO supt. of schools and the Boone County Health Dept head now have police protection.

They received threats because of their efforts (closing schools) to deal with Covid-19. Now raging in mid-Missouri


I'm honestly starting to wonder, with republicans claiming that "votes were found [for dems] at 4am," which morning this week we'll wake up with millions of votes "found" in the middle of the night for trump. Something along that line is coming. If they're accusing dems of it history has shown they'll do it themselves.

This is a big part of why I still think Biden's changes are no better than 50/50 for actually getting to the White House.

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