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Finally updated default search from DDG to Startpage. Let's see how this goes.

I've been quite impressed with ordering from Best Buy lately as we try to use alternatives to Amazon. Their curbside service is great!

When you don't post your home address online, but are a known contributor 😂.

Job advertisement (Work with me!) 

I wanted to put this out there. If you're a software engineer with skills in Javascript and React, you should come work with me:

I've been working here for nearly 10 years now, and I'm so happy with it, both technically and in the inclusion space.

I founded the Trans group at the company, and have been blown away by the way everyone has responded to us, even when we're challenging them to do better.

All countries: withdraw your ambassadors from the US NOW. Send them back on the 20th for the inauguration of and That would be a strong message we all need right now. cc

Well this is interesting. Jetbrains is under investigation as a possible entry point for the Russian hack.

While I know it wouldn't have made a difference this past year I really miss living in a real city lately. Its been 22 years since I last did so and, while I didn't appreciate it then, its funny how many little things I miss now.

do you use rss?

From birdsite 

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You asked - we delivered!

We almost had @DavidWolfpaw on the WPAMA a few weeks ago, but had to cancel last minute. But his topic was SO popular, we rescheduled!

Coming your way this Wednesday, David and @allie_nimmons talk all things #IndieWeb!

Woo hoo! I finally seem to have my Powerbeats Pro working reliably with Pop!_OS

It only took... 13 months :/

You know you live with cats when you find a jalapeno... in the bathroom.

This is a big deal. It was one thing to compete with other hosts while monopolizing the brand name. Now it looks like they're about to compete with the agencies and devs that have made WordPress what it is over the years.

On the positive side... it's not quite noon and I've already hit my step goal.

As so many have been asking me when I'll get an M1 Mac I thought it pertinent to write-up a proper answer. TL;DR: I'm not saying no to any tech but this one will definitely be a while.

At least it it was IRC down we could switch to another server... Geez... modern technology

Uh oh... looks like Slack is down. Today is becoming the most Monday of Mondays.

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