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It's kind of amazing that the D cell was first introduced in 1898

While the chemistry and internals are different now, I think it may be the oldest battery size still in widespread use. Actually, I can't think of an older one still being made by the millions

You can even get LiFePO4 batteries as D cells now. Quite a long way from the dry piles of yesteryear

Things that should never be necessary: walking my 73 year old father through setting up credit report freezes and a fraud alert on his accounts after the state emailed him to say he had been denied unemployment (someone else used his SS#). Ugh.

As Uber and others try to take California's Prop 22 beyond the state and beyond the US a win like this is a very good thing.

Just a reminder to never take your knowledge of a tool for granted. You had to learn it too. Remember that when talking to others.

I'm wondering why I haven't slept well this week... this is the indoor air temp over the last few days. Ugh.

Mastodon users, on average, seem must better than Twitter users in regards to Alt text.

One major win of Mastodon over Twitter: The ability to actually delete notifications (not just marked as read).

My wife on password managers: "why do they call it keep ass." I'm never going to look at it the same again. You're welcome.

Here's the longer history of initial jobless claims from showing just how bad the current numbers are.

If I was going to work for an agency again Human Made would be at the top of my list for places I would want to work. Their currently looking for engineers and more so, if you're in the market, they're definitely worth checking out.

Got to write a bit of GoLang code this morning. I always look forward to those tickets!

Sushi Wednesday is always something worth looking forward to

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