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I’m officially 90% of the person I was a year ago. I never thought I would be able to lose any weight and now I’m more than 1/2 way to my goal!

Listening to a country playlist this morning and I had forgotten how much I like listening to Kenny Chesney, Zack Brown Band and a few others

It's funny... beer, for me, is purely a social thing. This means that, to keep this up, I need to re-think how I socialize after all this is done. That's not going to be easy. As for the beer itself, I never cared for the effects other than it made it easier to be around people.

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After almost 5 months without any alcohol (a year with significantly reduced alcohol) and 3 months without any soda I really do hope these are habits I can keep for the long-haul

I've been using #Git for around a year now, and it's been fun. But a lot of the guides I've read have been way too detailed. So I decided to write my own guide.

I did something today I wouldn't have done and, honestly, couldn't have done before COVID. I dropped $2,500 to upgrade to higher-end Sonos speakers throughout the house. I'm going to take that as a little win. We saved a ton this past year and I listen to music 10+ hrs/day. Here's to hoping we can continue to live as cheaply as the world returns to "normal."

This weekend's project: Ripping out all the UniFi equipment we bought in 2019 as, once again, it crashed completely only this time I couldn't get it to save most settings either. Super frustrating.

No words remain. I’ll see y’all in a week or so.

I’m not doing too bad at this Apple Fitness challenge this week.

My site made the Green Team at This is one website accomplishment I'm pretty proud of, especially after moving back to WordPress.

I realized my WordPress site, at under 100kb, should qualify for I need to sign up for that one.

I've been re-building my blog list (I haven't edited the list in years, just export and import right into my current reader, FreshRSS).

Who are some folks I should subscribe to (RSS only please, I don't use email for this)?

musician death 

one love Bunny Wailer, last of the founding members of The Wailers, who has died at age 73 in Kingston, Jamaica.

It's always funny how people react when they realize I have both UK and Canadian phone numbers in addition to my primary phone number.

As of this morning there are 77 open positions listed at This is more than I've seen in years and, hopefully, a great sign for WordPress folks.

Still fighting anxiety this week. One would think that, after fighting it my whole life, I would be used to it by now but here I am.

I'm using the corner chair in my office to sit and focus and my cat just isn't having it (normally she sleeps here all day). I keep telling her she can have it as soon as she starts paying the bills but she doesn't seem to interested.

Looking at alternatives to YOURLs for a few links I keep. Would love it to not have tracking and have a fallback URL for 404s. Any suggestions?

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