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The #KKK used to run a youth group called the Klu Klux Kiddies. A sobering reminder‌ of how evil shit like this starts at home.

I sent my parents a copy of Shoshana Zuboff's book "The Age of Surveillance Capitalism" and they actually read it. They're even agreeing that maybe they should look at tech as more than what is the more convenient.

I'm proud of them for willing to learn. They've been curious about big tech and privacy for a while, getting rid of smart speakers, removing some apps, etc but this is the first time they've shown and interest in really learning about why these things are bad.

Announcing Atlas Content Modeler
This past Monday my team released the results of six months of work on our latest project. It's a WordPress plugin called Atlas Content Modeler that makes it easy to model data in a way that is designed to be friendly to both publishers and developers while being geared, first, to headless WordPress sites.

This is exciting for me. It's the first new WordPress plugin I've been a part

2019: avoid negative people
2020: avoid positive people
2021: avoid people

We have yet another Comcast tech out this morning. Hoping they’ll do something about it this time. Last time they found a problem with the tap we connect to but said they wouldn’t fix it and wrote it down as it was our equipment so we got to spend the last month fighting the $100 service fee.

Next week marks a full year since I moved my own code back to GitHub. It was supposed to be temporary but then my personal laptop died so I haven't been able to migrate to anything else. Here's to hoping I can change that before another year goes by.

My team was finally able to launch our plugin on and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

Looking for suggestions for scariest #horror novel that's not Stephen King. #books

Reading Twitter is something. Everyone jumping on a comment in my community about the privilege it takes to delete Facebook. While that is the truth in some case, in many of these cases it most definitely isn't. It's just an excuse as they don't want to.

The other night I noticed that the first house Joy and I bought together is for sale again. Seeing that brings back so many good memories of the one house we've lived in together that really felt like home to me.

The house itself wasn't much. It was built in 1951 and had 758 square feet spread across two bedrooms and a small bathroom. There was a tiny yard, a small garage and the fridge didn't even fit in the kitchen, but it was o

I've used Linux for decades, managing servers, desktops, etc. It was after I switched to zsh which it's suggestions that I've learned so many new commands. Who knew typos could be so educational?

The idea that we "should not regulate" something is such bullshit. Everything is regulated. We make a choice, as a society, as to whom regulation favors. Choosing not to regulate a company/industry/etc is very much a choice of regulation in favor of that industry.

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