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I’ve been off more than 2 weeks now and go back to work on Tuesday.

I still find it impossible to relax.


We’re back to the type of high-humidity heat that makes me not want to step outside. Really looking forward to the cold front that should make it more comfortable tomorrow.

Talking to friends who care about making tech better for all and it shouldn’t really surprise me why many of them have run from various projects and FOSS in general.

I know my social feeds are bubbles but I still find it interesting that everything I see retweeted about the dems focuses on wins for all in 2021 while everything I’ve seen from reps focuses on demonizing dems, often for the reps failures.

Dems are worthless too but that messaging is quite telling.

Yay! I crossed that million steps for the year this morning. That’s a huge increase over any year since I started tracking steps.

If the past few years have taught me anything, the idea of moving to a place because “it will feel like home” is a mistake. It will never feel like home and you just may wind up completely trapped.

We’re watching and now I understand why everyone was comparing it to a documentary.

This. If you have knowledge you want to pass on, make a blog, a website on something.

Posting on things we have to get an app, sign in, find et and scroll for ages, is ensuring this knowledge will not spread.

Even Twitter is part of the problem

Last week I got stuck on PHPCS. If you install your dev stack with Homebrew and you’re on macOS Monterey, here’s how you can fix PHPCS with the WordPress Coding Standards.

Was playing with Hugo a bit again yesterday. Static sites really are pretty shit if you really want to blog regularly. That said, for landing pages and other small sites I would gladly use one again.

Reading some long-ago bookmarked articles on Apple's privacy (CSAM) pivot. I came back to Apple because, largely, it was simpler for my family and arguably the best trade-off between Privacy and Usability available.

Yeah, I chose poorly.

Really wondering if going back to Google Workspaces would have been a better move and just staying all-in on Google. I'm really not sure it would be worse anymore and, at least with Google, I didn't need all Apple hardware.

I should probably close LinkedIn but, again, as an American especially if I lose my job I'll need another and fast. LinkedIn is good for that. For now I just use it to post blog posts, something I'm not sure I need to continue doing either.

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I've kept two other SM accounts besides here, Twitter and LinkedIn. Twitter is a big one for me, especially after 8 years remote in the WordPress space. It's my watercooler and I've not found the fediverse to even come close to replacing it.

LinkedIn is another story. I keep it as I will eventually have to job hunt again. As a network it's less than worthless to me as it's filled with people and mindsets that I no long want anything to do with.

@robert Something of a follow-up to this, while Chad will probably never give up Linux, his move to iOS is no less interesting for many of the same reasons brought up in the post.

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This is a great post by @robert talking about many of us who have given up on Linux, at least temporarily, this year and why Linux is so difficult for most.

Thankfully I’ve never seen this, but I have heard people brag about abusing animals like this. WTF is wrong with people?

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