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Arsenal and Everton win. This is a very good morning for us Everton fans.

This should be 3-0 at the half but I’m grateful for even the 1 point lead

The story behind this is wild: Someone in Texas found this bust at the thrift store, and paid $35 for it. It turns out it's actually 2000 years old and was probably looted by an American soldier during WWII from a replica Roman villa in Germany that had some genuine artifacts as well:

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The 'crumbling of our democracy' trope is very cute. Because it implies we had a functioning democracy to begin with. This country began with only the needs of white men and had to be patched to support white women. Other identities BARELY have the equal footing these people do. So stop with the crumbling bullshit. It's working precisely as designed. (

Just saw a Linkedin article about people ghosting jobs on their first day, with companies like Southwest airlines reporting around 20% of hires not showing up on day one.

People are angry at the new hires, but I gotta say if your offerings as an employer can't get people to show up on day one, I don't think that's a problem with the new hires.

What’s better than 1 box for a cat? 4 nested boxes. I don’t think she will ever leave my office.

Is there a way to turn on a focus mode in iOS when I leave a location? When I leave the house I don’t need the notifications I get at home. It seems I can only turn a mode on automatically when I arrive at a location though.

There are so many ideas I have to improve, it has a lot of potential!

Using the directory as a means to help steward standardized cross-platform discovery is high on the list.

There are few projects who take initiative to help other projects, and it's humbling to build tools like and that I wish existed when I began this journey.

Keep moving forward! #fediverse

The amount of realtor spam we got at the house before the pandemic was bad but now its a whole other level. Oh how nice it would be if there could be some way to say no to all this.

Why am I OK with it? Because my tech affects more than just me and, while I loved the self-hosting stuff myself, it was a lot more work, work my family didn't understand, and I'm so fucking tired of it all.

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Today’s post is an acknowledgment that I’ve come full-circle with my tech and, at least for the moment, I’m OK with that.

Today is a Friday I am very grateful for as tomorrow is the first day of my PTO

As I finished my post for tomorrow I realized just how exhausting tech is in general and, as a result, just how tired I am.

You may have seen in the news yesterday that Cameo, the site where C-list celebrities get paid to send birthday greetings to tooth-grindingly dull people, just laid off 87 people -- 25% of its total staff.

If you're like me, your reaction to this news went like this:

1. Wait, Cameo employs 400 people?
2. What the hell?

Which gives us a good starting point to talk about the weird dynamics of venture capital! So let's do. ( 🧵 )

I actually really like using Safari since coming back to Mac. It’s only weakness is when I hit command-Q instead of command-W

and... my PowerBeats Pro are done. I'm to the point that I'm having to factory reset them every time I try to use them RIP.

Talking with my friend @chris today reminded me of the old joke,

“you buy a computer and it’s obsolete by the time you drive home!”

And then it became “…by the time it hits the shelves!”

But now it’s “…by the time the marketing materials are printed!”

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