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Ok, need to know of free or low cost resources for learning IT security at a self paced speed.

This is more about practicals than about certs.

Let the firehose commence.. um, i mean- Feel free to boost.

Note to pretty-much everyone. If you have an iPhone 13 you really don't need to upgrade to an iPhone 14. You're welcome.

Apparently tonight’s movie theme is Matt Damon cameos and good soundtracks. First was the new Thor, then Eurotrip and not Jay and Silent Bon reboot.

It's almost surreal reading business news lately, at least in the US. Between the US Fed hell-bent on putting all economic pain on the poor and causing a major recession/depression to news from Fedex, who had embraced consumer shipping during the pandemic, screaming about a global recession largely because the pandemic-era boom they saw wasn't permanent (though this later sentiment extends to tech and beyond too). The future is definitely not bright.

if you overload microsoft.​com with requests, that's an MS-DOS

The single most important tool I need to do my job anymore is Zoom. Is that perfect, no, but it does work damn well compared to anything else I've used in the past. As someone who has been fully remote on a decade that reliability has been so very important.

I find my mood, in general, improving this week and I think that’s probably confirmation of just how badly the seasonal depression hits me during the summer here. It’s not much cooler, yet, but just having that on the horizon is doing wonders for my mood.

I seem to be finding a descent cadence, lately, of working on my own projects on the weekend and enjoying my time doing so. I hope I can keep that going.

Back in the 90s "what if your car had all the problems your computer has" was a common USENET joke and now we're living it

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Headless WordPress where you can still write templates for routes with the same distinction as the WordPress template heirarchy (index.js, single.js, etc) and where blocks render as easily in headless as regular WordPress is really going to be great. Bonus in that you can take your front-end component and easily use it as a block in the editor too.

They’ve done it! Just watched a demo where we’re fully supporting WordPress blocks in a headless environment. This will change everything!

Well, looks like I’ll no longer be getting any news from CNBC. It’s site had been a staple for me for well over a decade.

Rather than risk promoting an extremely irresponsible (to put it nicely) event I had temporarily muted dozens of accounts and hashtags associated with it and with things around it. Those mutes expired last night and... holy shit I didn't realize how nice Twitter would be without a lot of that shit. I really need to get off that network.

It’s been a very long day. I’m exhausted. I had to take sinus meds at 16:30 though to get through the end of the workday. This means I’ll probably be wide awake all night.

PSA for those who use Apple devices. Be sure to go through your device settings after updating to configure the new settings how you prefer, as well as disabling settings that Apple re-enabled with the update. It’s tedious, but worth it. I already see an improvement in my battery life with all the telemetry disabled.

I know I’m a cynic but I just saw a demo of the example project for the MVP my team is releasing this month and I really was blown away. It’s a JS framework for headless WP and it really is the future of building headless sites. I think I’ll even be switching my site over.

The great thing about having a mechanical keyboard: I can keep it clean.

The bad thing about having a mechanical keyboard: I get anxious when I haven’t cleaned it out in a while and it is gross.

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